Lady Colin Campbell accused of homophobia by Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley

After coming out of I’m A Celebrity last week, Lady Colin Campbell has been accused of being anti-gay.

During their time in the jungle, Lady C and Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley did not see eye to eye.

Despite claims that Hadley bullied Lady Campbell, he has given an interview claiming quite the opposite.

In an interview today, he said: “I’ve never bullied anyone in my life. If anything, I defended people from bullying.

“I hate any form of bullying. I find it completely reprehensible, so to accuse me of bullying is just nonsense.

“I don’t know where that came from. There are no grounds for her to sue.

“If she has got lawyers that watch all the VTs… then tell me who has bullied who.”

Hadley claims that he confronted Lady Campbell of bullying choreographer Brian Friedman in footage which did not make the screen.

He added: “One thing I will say, talking about bullying – she got on Brian’s case and was calling him a queen bitch.

“I stood up to her and said ‘sexuality shouldn’t come into it’. It’s because of his sexuality she’s saying he’s a bitchy queen.

“You have to have a degree of integrity in this life and she crossed too many boundaries.”

Lady Campbell left the jungle earlier last week, initially saying it was on “medical grounds”.

Lady Campbell, 66, wrote controversial royal biographies such as ‘Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows’.

Raised as male until her late teens, she was hospitalised and given male hormones.

In a 2013 interview, she said: “Our family was extremely well known and he would have done anything to avoid publicity and embarrassment.

“I remember walking with him from the owners’ and stewards’ car park upstairs to our box at the racecourse.”

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She went on: “People were staring, because my situation was sufficiently well known, and although I wore trousers it was very clear I was not a boy. You could see to him it was the worst ordeal of his life.

“The only way out he could conceive was that I should commit suicide. He told me: ‘The one solution to your problem is a dose of rat poison’.”

She previously sued newspapers for implying that she was “a transvestite” or transgender after . Of the implications, she said: “It was awful. It is offensive beyond belief. It was rape.”