Prince William attends school diversity workshop for Diana charity

The Duke of Cambridge has led a second diversity anti-bullying workshop for a charity that honours his mother.

The future King visited Birmingham’s Bournville College today, to take part in an anti-bullying session set up by the Diana Award – named in memory of Princess Diana.

In a previous Diana Award session in September, the Duke directly spoke out against anti-LGBT bullying and homophobia, in a Royal first.
Prince William attends school diversity workshop for Diana charity
He attended a session today alongside former Fame Academy judge Carrie Grant.

During the session, he held a sign saying: “We are all given labels.Some are true – some are not

“Don’t define me by a label. Dare to think bigger! Celebrate difference!”

The Prince also spoke to pupils what makes them different – identifying that he is “a prince” and that he is “tall”.

The Diana Award’s chief executive Tessy Ojo said of the prince’s visit: “We are thrilled to have the on-going support of the Duke of Cambridge. These latest statistics highlight how overwhelming identity-based bullying is for many young people today.

“I am delighted that The Duke is helping raise awareness of this topical issue and reiterating the message that no-one should be singled out as a result of their identity.

“We welcome the Duke’s support on fostering a safer and bully-free environment which celebrates diversity, instead of being threatened by it.”

Ojo added of his visit “It’s an incredible image… it says we are one, a symbol of our unity. That’s what we want young people to go away with. It is ultimately one head made up of different parts.”

Though the Royal Family are involved in hundreds of charities, they are almost never seen to be embracing the cause of LGBT rights.

Given the Monarch’s role as head of the Commonwealth, and as 90% of Commonwealth citizens still live under anti-gay laws, the Royals generally avoid all reference to gay equality. No Royals have ever spoken in favour of same-sex marriage.

On a previous Diana Award visit, Prince William joined a session on LGBT issues, as students were asked how they would react to homophobic bullying.

The Duke of Cambridge indicated he would confront those behind any comments and comfort the victims.
Prince William attends school diversity workshop for Diana charity
Referring to a chart of how to tackle homophobia, he said: “I would start on that side [comfort the victim and end up here [confront the bully].”

After a student said they would confront a homophobe, the Duke added: “As the young man said, I would try to confront.”
A Kensington Palace spokesperson said previously: “He hopes it will help de-stigmatise bullying issues in schools.

“He particularly likes the idea of a peer-led support network to prevent any child or young person suffering in silence.”
Prince William attends school diversity workshop for Diana charity

The Diana Award aims to identify and develop young people, as well as engaging them in social action.

Patrons of the charity include David Cameron, Esther Rantzen, Sinitta and Carrie Grant.