Meet the man who is forcing states to put up gay pride ‘Festivus’ poles

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A man has convinced a number of US states to put up rainbow poles to mark the holiday season.

Chaz Stevens of the Humanity Fund launched the project as a protest against the number of nativity scenes permitted in public-owned spaces despite the constitutional separation of church and state.

The campaigner says his goal is to erect a Festivus pole – honouring a fictional holiday invented in an episode of Seinfeld – in any public place where a nativity scene is displayed.

Amid outrage from religious groups, Stevens has so far had requests to put up his special rainbow-themed Festivus poles in Illinois and his home state of Florida, in their respective state capitols.

The six-foot pole pays tribute to gay equality… and is also topped with a disco ball.
Meet the man who is forcing states to put up gay pride ‘Festivus’ poles
The secularist protester said he is entitled to his point under the First Amendment as much as Christians are, explaining: “The courts of the United States have long established it’s an all-or-none principle. If Christianity is allowed in, then the minority must be. If one is allowed, then the other is allowed.”

He told Fox: “Bill O’Reilly calls it a War on Christmas. I call it a war on Christians Privilege.

“Keep this in mind: The constitution isn’t about protecting the majority view… it’s about protecting the minority view.

“What’s more minority than a satanic diorama, or a Festivus pole made out of beer cans for gay pride?”

The campaigner has his sights set on a number of other cities – with Arkansas and Missouri in his sights.

Watch the origin of Festivus below: