Landlord tricks lesbian bar owner, changes locks and takes over business

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The landlord of a lesbian bar in Moscow has tricked the owner into leaving so they could change the locks.

The popular Dietrich bar, was run by Eugenia Debryanskaya since 2003 as a discreet location for lesbians to meet.

However the landlord, Maksim Kozlouvskiy, allegedly tricked Debryanskaya into leaving by telling her the police were going to raid the premises.

After Debryanskaya left, the landlord then changed the locks, and according to reports, hired security guards to bar staff from entering.

Despite that the landlord took control of stock and equipment during the trick, police have not yet taken action.

Debryanskaya told the Daily Beast that she thought police wouldn’t do anything.

Kozlouvskiy asked Debryanskaya to meet him the next day at a McDonald’s restaurant, telling her that her 12 year lease was to end on 1 January.

He said she would not have the lease extended, and that he intended to take over the bar and run it for straight people.

The landlord went further to say he intended to make it into a bar for “natural” people.

At time of publication, the Facebook page for Dietrich had been taken down.