Someone built a gay bar on Vladimir Putin’s land

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Pranksters in Finland have built a gay bar on a plot of land owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The stunt took place on a plot of land on a Finnish island of Åland, which is officially owned by the Russian Presidency after it was handed to the Soviet Union following the Second World War.

Pranksters constructed a replica of the Blue Oyster gay bar from the Police Academy films – before posing outside, scantily clad in construction gear.

Swedish comedy hip-hop duo Far & Son took responsibility for the stunt, claiming it is a protest against Russia’s anti-gay laws and crackdowns on gay rights.

The pair told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: “We expected a bit more of a vigorous response from the Russians and that they would immediately send the Scud missiles into the gay bar, but it seems they can’t keep up with Far & Son. They are simply cowards.”

They joked that there were “a lot of young people” in the area who would be grateful for a place to have “gay kisses, hand jobs and blow jobs” on Putin’s land.

However, according to the Guardian, police failed to see the funny side after a criminal report.

Police said: “The perpetrators forced their way into the area and built something, leaving their rubbish behind. The incident has attracted attention, including in the local media.

“This incident has been classed as trespassing, as well as some sanitation violations.

“Police have been in contact with the Russian consul and documented the crime scene.”

It is the second Russia-related prank in as many weeks – after Russian hoaxers tricked Sir Elton John into believing he had received a personal call from Vladimir Putin on LGBT rights.