Senior politician claims Elton John is ‘vile, selfish Nazi’ for surrogacy use

Elton John who sings John Lewis Christmas advert

Maurizio Gasparri branded Sir Elton a “vile person”, claiming his use of surrogate mothers is comparable to “Nazism”.

The vice president of Italy’s Senate has launched a virulent attack on Sir Elton John, over the British singer’s use of surrogacy.

“With wombs for rent it’s easy to arrive at eugenics and Nazism,” Gasparri told Radio 24.

Elton John has two sons – Zachary, four and Elijah, two – with his partner David Furnish.

Both boys were born using a surrogate mother – an issue which is at the forefront of Italy’s upcoming debate on civil unions on Friday (January 29).

“What he did was the selfishness of a rich, arrogant man who exploited other people’s desperation.”

Gasspari’s comments echo those made by Italy’s Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, who called surrogacy “a sex crime” earlier this month.

Last week, senators in Italy proposed jail terms for gay couples who use surrogates from abroad to have children.

Catholic senators from the ruling Democratic Party tabled the amendment to a draft bill to legalise same-sex marriage.

The amendment suggested that gay couples should have to prove that they had not used an overseas surrogate if they have children.

If they cannot prove it, the non-biological parent of the child would be barred from adopting it.

It would also give judges powers to take the child into care, and put them up for adoption.

Prison sentences for the ‘offence’ of using a surrogate may be up to two years, with fines of up to €1 million.

This is not the first time Sir Elton has clashed with the Italian establishment.

In June, Sir Elton John spoke out against the Mayor of Venice – after he banned ‘gay’ children’s books from primary schools.

“Dear Elton, I challenge you to donate resources to save Venice,” the mayor later hit back.

Attacking the Rocket Man singer’s bank balance, he added that Sir Elton represented “the arrogance of those who are rich and can do anything.”