Texas Republican claims paedophilia is next item on the gay agenda

A Republican in Texas has claimed that LGBT activists will now move on to calling for paedophilia to be legalised.

Dr Steven Hotze, who leads the Conservative Republicans of Texas, made the shocking claim at an event launching colleague Jared Woodfill’s bid to be chair of the Texas Republican Party,

Woodfill and Hotze were behind a campaign to repeal an LGBT rights law in Houston – which shockingly implied the law lets men rape little girls in bathrooms.

According to Quorum Report, however, Hotze made it clear that the message portrayed in the campaign was no accident.

He claimed the ‘pro-homosexual’ movement “want to pervert this society”.

He said: “If they have it their way…they will put you in jail and they will fine you.

“Paedophilia is the next point. They’re going to come down and change that law.”

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz recently accepted a $15 million donation from anti-LGBT billionaires who thinks gays are “predatory” and “want your children”.

The politician, who won the Republican Iowa caucus this week, took money from infamous Texas pastors Farris and Dan Wilks – who made their billions in the Texas fracking boom – despite their vile comments.

Farris Wilks preached in one sermon “If we all took on this lifestyle, all humanity would perish in one generation…So this lifestyle is a predatorial lifestyle in that they need your children and straight people having kids to fulfill their sexual habits.

“They can’t do it by their self. They want your children….But we’re in a war for our children.
Texas Republican claims paedophilia is next item on the gay agenda

“They want your children. So what will you teach your children? A strong family is the last defense.”

(h/t Towleroad)