Not again… Watch men ‘try vagina for the first time’ (VIDEO)

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So, apparently this trend is still ongoing – see below to watch ‘gay men try vagina for the first time’.

Many people had hoped the fad was over – including the team here at PinkNews.


But apparently not. The video, posted by the BriaAndChrissy YouTube page sees gay guys eat a cow’s vagina for the first time.

Of course they are lured into the ‘experiment’ unawares, and comment on the smell, hairiness and taste of the said vagina.

Disgusting, yes. After ‘Gay men touch vagina for the first time…’, ‘GAY MEN TOUCH BOOBS FOR THE FIRST TIME!’ and ‘Lesbians Touch Penis For The First Time!’ (and a few that PinkNews missed out), WHAT COULD POSSIBLY COME NEXT?

‘Gay guys try cannibalism for the first time?’ or ‘Lesbians try not making offensive viral videos for the first time’.


If you are so inclined, watch it below: