Russian politicians are debating if a tiger and a goat are ‘promoting homosexuality’

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Russian politicians are actually looking into whether a friendship between a tiger and a goat “promotes homosexuality”.

When Timur the goat was placed in the pen of Siberian tiger Cupid, zookeepers were shocked by the big cat’s reaction.


Timur was originally meant as lunch for the feline, but Cupid shocked his carers by befriending the goat instead of tearing him limb from limb.

Their blossoming relationship struck a cord with the Russian public and a video of their antics soon went viral.

One man, however, remained unmoved by the heartwarming story – insisting the duo were in fact breaking the law.

Russian lawyer Alexei Krestianov claims media coverage of the unlikely friendship could turn Russian kids gay by “generating interest in non-traditional sexual relationships.”

He added that their “non-traditional co-habitation” is “an intrusion into the private lives of underage citizens and covert gay propaganda, as well as an active imposition of homosexuality.”

But given all of the interest in the video, it is reported that the prosecutor’s office will now look into the matter.

They may have stepped in too soon, as the situation might just have resolved itself, however.

Despite the tiger having given up his bed for the goat, their relationship may have turned sour.

Their friendship came to an end after the tiger bit his hooved companion after the goat apparently headbutted him.

Surprisingly, Cupid was not impressed.

Watch a video charting the unlikely relationship below.