Donald Trump tells evangelicals: You can trust me to overturn gay marriage ruling

Donald Trump has sought to assure evangelicals that they can “trust” him to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

The billionaire reality TV star-turned politician has tied himself in knots over equal marriage in the past few weeks, after he was caught out apparently telling different people what they wanted to hear.

Mr Trump previously branded opposition to same-sex marriage a “dead issue” – but told Fox News he would likely back a plot to overturn it, before telling a lesbian TV journalist that he would “move forward” on LGBT rights just days later.

When challenged on the contradiction in a third interview, Mr Trump attempted to maintain both contradicting views simultaneously.

Speaking to David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, Trump said that he could be “trusted” to overturn the ruling.

Trump was asked about comments from a gay Republican leader, who suggested that Trump is “the most pro-gay Presidential candidate that we have”.

Asked whether he could be ‘trusted’ to enforce traditional marriage, Trump said: “I have not heard that at all… I think [evangelicals] can trust me on traditional marriage.

“Frankly it should have been state – I was very much in favour of having the court rule that it goes to states, and let the states decide.

“It was a shocking decision for you and for me and for a lot of people. I was in favour of letting the states decide and that’s the way it looked like it was going, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere came this very massive decision and they took it away.

“I was always in favour of states rights, states deciding – on many issues, not just this.”
Donald Trump tells evangelicals: You can trust me to overturn gay marriage ruling
Trump recently has hit out at rival Ted Cruz – after the Republican Senator ran ads suggesting that Trump was in favour of same-sex marriage.

Trump tweeted: “Lying Cruz put out a statement, ‘Trump & [Marco] Rubio are w/Obama on gay marriage.’ Cruz is the worst liar, crazy or very dishonest. Perhaps all 3?

“How can Ted Cruz be an Evangelical Christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?”

Of course, Senator Cruz would likely point out that he was only quoting Mr Trump’s own words on the matter, given Trump has indeed claimed to support equal marriage in the past.

Trump last year said he’d attended “great” gay weddings himself, adding: “Anybody that’s making that an issue is doing it for political reasons. The Supreme Court ruled on it.”

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Posted by PinkNews on Wednesday, February 3, 2016