School tells boy to remove Princess Elsa costume he wore for fancy dress day

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A boy who dressed as Frozen’s Princess Elsa for his school’s Disney fancy dress day was ordered to remove the costume.

Austin Lacey, who attends Ethan Chase Middle School in Menifee, California, picked out his outfit for a school spirit day event, where pupils were encouraged to wear Disney costumes.

He went all-out with his Frozen costume, donning a long blue dress and a blonde wig with plaits, in the style of Elsa.

The 13-year-old’s choice was a hit with other students, with many of them stopping to take a selfie with ‘Elsa’ – but it went down less well with the school.

According to local news outlet KTLA, he was told to remove the “disruptive” outfit for violating gender norms.

The teen explained: “I wore it for fun because I’m just one of those people – I like to go all-out.”

His mother Brooke said: “He was later informed that the principal does not believe that boys should be dressed like girls.”

“I can’t believe that there’s still people out there who hold those beliefs, especially on a day when it was all intended in good fun. It shouldn’t have been an issue.”

She added that while her son doesn’t identify as trans, they see it as a “rights” issue that he was told not to wear a dress.

School tells boy to remove Princess Elsa costume he wore for fancy dress day
Romoland School District Superintendent Dr Julie Vitale said: “This action was taken in accordance with district policies.

“At no time was there an indication that the student was expressing any particular message.

“The Principal’s action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment.”

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