Uganda’s adamantly homophobic President Museveni wins fifth term

Adamantly homophobic Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni will remain in office, as he won the country’s election.

Museveni, having spent 30 years in office, will remain as President for a fifth term.

The 71-year old got 60.75 percent of the vote. His nearest rival, Kizza Besigye, who was arrested several times this week, gained 30 percent.

Besigye was most recently put under house arrest on Friday, as it was expected he would announce the results of the election ahead of time.


While Museveni called for calm, protests took place in Uganda today.

Besigye yesterday released a statement, saying: “We have just witnessed what must be the most fraudulent electoral process in Uganda.”

He later called the results a “shame”, and called on the international community to throw out the result.

Opponents of the President say he stands int he way of progress for Uganda.

Museveni’s National Resistance Movement’s presence during the election has been accused of creating an “intimidating atmosphere”.

EU Chief Observer Eduard Kukan said the party’s “domination of the political landscape distorted the fairness of the campaign”.

Museveni, who has been outspoken against LGBT rights, seized power in 1986. He is credited with bringing stability to Uganda, but also of becoming increasingly authoritarian.

Uganda in November passed a controversial new law, that could result in the closure of NGOs helping the country’s LGBT population.

The country previously passed an Anti-Homosexuality Act increasing harsh penalties on gay people – but it was struck down by the country’s Supreme Court in 2014.

Museveni has previously claimed that Uganda is a “better destination” for tourists than Spain, that “Uganda is so rich, we should be the ones to give aid”, and that oral sex is a Western invention that is “more terrible” than homosexuality.