Ted Cruz is using robots to claim Trump would destroy America with homosexuality

Ted Cruz is using robots to attack rival Donald Trump for being supposedly pro-gay.

The militantly anti-LGBT Senator is currently locked in a bitter feud with the billionaire reality star-turned-politician as both seek the Republican Presidential nomination.

Despite Trump’s broadly anti-LGBT stance, Cruz has been using ‘robocalls’ to phone voters and scaremonger over his purportedly pro-gay record.

The robocalls revealed this week targeted voters in South Carolina – and played Trump’s comments to a lesbian reporter last month, when he claimed he would continue “forward motion” on LGBT rights.

The voiceover says: “Stop! What does she mean by forward motion? What is he agreeing to? It’s not about tolerance anymore.

“It’s about mandatory celebration. It’s about forcing people to bake cakes and photograph gay weddings.

“Forcing clergy to officiate, it’s about transgender bathrooms in your child’s school, it’s about tearing down our Judeo-Christian values, it’s about tearing down our America.

“Ted Cruz for President, before it’s too late”.

The calls, reported by Buzzfeed, do not appear to have been endorsed by the official Cruz campaign, and instead come from a shady pro-Cruz ‘Courageous Conservative Political Action Committee’.

However, Senator Cruz has not responded to calls to disassociate himself from the attacks.

Rachel Maddow told MSNBC: “There was less of the South Carolina dirty tricks… we did see things turn in a nasty way, including my favourite nasty campaign tactic we’ve gotten from any contest thus far: a robocall run by a Ted Cruz-supporting Super PAC.

“It is a hall of fame anti-gay campaign tactic.”

Noting that Trump took the victory in South Carolina, she added: “”Obviously it didn’t hurt Donald Trump too much.”

Trump’s purportedly pro-LGBT stance may only exist in the mind of Ted Cruz, however.

Mr Trump told Fox News he would likely back a plot to overturn equal marriage, just days before telling the lesbian journalist he would “move forward” on LGBT rights.

When challenged on the contradiction in a third interview, Mr Trump attempted to maintain both contradicting views simultaneously.

He promised evangelicals last week: “I think [evangelicals] can trust me on traditional marriage.”

Watch the MSNBC discussion below: