Ted Cruz finally admits it was a ‘mistake’ to attend ‘death to gays’ rally… but no apology

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has finally disassociated himself from ‘death to gays’ pastor Kevin Swanson – and it only took several months of relentless pressure.

Cruz attended the National Religious Liberties Conference in November last year, sharing the stage with extremist pastor Kevin Swanson

At the event and in the presence of Cruz, Swanson shouted: “Yes, Leviticus calls for the death penalty for homosexuals! Yes, the Apostle Paul does say that homosexuals are worthy of death! His words, not mine, and [screaming] I AM NOT ASHAMED! I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God!”

Ever since the rally Ted Cruz has repeatedly ignored calls to condemn Swanson – who also claims that parents should drown children who want to read Harry Potter, and that gays caused the financial crash.

Cruz has faced repeated calls to cut his ties with Swanson and to apologise for the past four months, with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow repeatedly challenging the Cruz campaign.

After ignoring a vast number of requests for comment on the issue, the Cruz campaign finally conceded this week – but he still won’t be apologising.

A campaign spokesperson said: “Senator Cruz is passionate about religious liberties.

“Many respected organizations were sponsoring [the conference], but, given these offensive comments, it was a mistake for Senator Cruz to appear at the event.”

He added that the comments were “reprehensible”… but the word people were looking for was “sorry”, and that seems to be absent.

Of course, there’s a long list of other dangerous pastors with links to Senator Cruz.

Cruz said last month that he’s “proud” to be nominated by pastor Mike Bickle, who claims gays will cause the apocalypse.

Bickle claimed would happen when the Supreme Court ruled on equal marriage, telling a crowd: “2,000 years ago, Paul said, ‘In the latter times, there’s going to be a falling away and one of the signals of it is you will find government’s forbidding marriage’.

“Beloved, we are on the cusp of that happening right now. This is alerting anybody paying attention that we’re in a time frame where things are escalating according to these lines.

“This is a unique signal of the End Times and the forbidding of marriage is an escalator of the darkness of the End Times as well.”

He also claimed schools will “promote” paedophilia because of gay equality, as part of “all the sexual options” such as “the transgender, the boy with boy, the girl with girl, the threesomes, the fivesomes … the young boy with the old man, the paedophiles, all of this will end up being presented as normative, acceptable, healthy sexual patterns”.

It’s not just those things that Bickle has issues with, either – Senator Cruz has also questions faced from Jewish groups, because Bickle previously claimed that God “raised up” Adolf Hitler to hunt Jews for not believing in Jesus.

The Cruz campaign website still “proudly” lists Bickle’s endorsement.

Watch some of the ‘Kill the Gays’ fun below: