Icelandic airline launches giant pink plane called ‘GAY’

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An Icelandic airline has unveiled a giant pink plane called ‘GAY’, because of course it has.

After London’s rainbow taxi, rainbow bus and rainbow train, things are getting a bit out of hand in the race for the gayest method of transport.

Iceland’s WOW Airline is the latest entrant into the gay vehicular contest – and their effort gives TfL a run for their money.

The airline, which is known for its pink-and-purple themed planes, announced today that its new Airbus A330, which will serve a route to San Francisco, had been named in honour of the gay movement.

CEO Skúli Mogensen explained the decision to Christen the plane TF-GAY, saying: “One of our pilots came to me and suggested this name and I thought it was a cool idea so we went ahead with it.”

He added the name is a nod to the history of San Francisco, and fits with the company’s naming system – following TF-MOM, TF-DAD, TF-SIS, TF-BRO, TF-SON and TF-KID.

He told Gay Iceland: “The name fits perfectly into this concept of ours to create a modern family out of our air planes from the names we give them.

“WOW is basically MOM upside down and everybody loves their mom!

“Since day one, we’ve emphasised joy and friendliness in our services because we want everybody to feel welcome in the WOW family. And we think TF-GAY fits right in with our modern family concept.”
Icelandic airline launches giant pink plane called ‘GAY’
He added of people who might not want to travel on a big pink gay plane: “If I were worried or scared of what people might say about me or what I do, then WOW air wouldn’t exist.

“Prejudice and narrow-mindedness are usually the result of ignorance and an inferiority complex. So such views judge themselves.”