This man has actually been crucified every year for 30 years at Easter (VIDEO)

One man in the Philippines undergoes a gruesome chore every year to celebrate Easter, as he is actually crucified.

Ruben Enaje, along side over a dozen others, is nailed to wooden crosses in a re-enactment of Jesus’ crucifixion.

He has had four-inch steel nails hammered into his hands and feet every year for the past thirty years.

According to reports, the “14 other men, some screaming in pain, were nailed to wooden crosses by actors dressed as Roman centurions”.

They were watched by thousands of tourists, both local and foreign, in their rice-farming villages.

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Not only that, but this year, Enaje said he wanted to dedicate the symbol to peace in Belgium, and around the world, following a spate of attacks by so-called Islamic State militants.

The pain, he says, gets worse when his wooden cross is raised up.

But the worst part, he says, is not when the nails are put in, but when they are taken out.

“The only thing in my mind is that God went through worse,” Enaje says.

The gruesome tradition is part of the Philippines’ branch of Catholicism, which is a combination of traditional views and folklore.

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The 55-year-old sign painter began being nailed to the cross each easter in 1985, after he believed he survived a fall from a tree was a miracle.

Of the IS militants, Enaje said: “What are they fighting for?”

Check out a video about Enaje from 2012, below: