Turns out the NBA hasn’t cancelled the 2017 All-Star Game in North Carolina after all


The National Basketball Association (NBA) has confirmed that it has not issued North Carolina with an ultimatum, after a fake news reported said it had.

The fake story claimed that the organisation had taken action over the state’s recent passage of HB2, an anti-LGBT law, that has been condemned by a number of other states and businesses.

News sites, including PinkNews and the Associated Press, reported the story at the weekend and included a fictional quote from NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, that North Carolina had 30 days to repeal the law or the game would be moved out of the state.

After a number of sources began to report the story as fact, the NBA was forced to tweet a response, denying a press conference issuing North Carolina with an ultimatum had taken place.

In the tweet, the NBA said: “No truth to the fake abcnews account/report concerning the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. The NBA has made no new statement re: 2017 ASG.”

Since it was discovered that the account was false, many news organisations have removed the story from their websites.

PinkNews has corrected its previous story to reflect the fact the report is false.