Ruth Davidson just let us in on a big election night secret…

PinkNews Exclusive
Scottish Conservative Leader, Ruth Davidson, has revealed a big election night secret exclusively to PinkNews.

On election night, her most unusual ritual is to wear Tory blue rhinestone pants with the words ‘election night’ encrusted on the back.

The Scottish Tory chief also told us that she thinks Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is a “pretty, pretty man” and that she wished the Scottish Independence Referendum result was “a chasm wider”.

When telling us what her strangest election ritual was, Ruth laughed and said she wasn’t sure she could tell us.

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this actually,” she said.

“I fought a by-election a long time ago and as a joke, my then partner bought me a pair of pants that had ‘election night’ on the back, written in Tory blue rhinestones.

“She wanted me to wear them on election night, which I did and have since worn at the count of most of the other elections I have stood in. That is an absolute exclusive for PinkNews, my rhinestone pants.”

The party leader, who is running for election in Edinburgh, also said that the passage of marriage equality in Scotland was one of her proudest achievements, adding it was the most exposing and personal speech she has ever given.

She joked that the first thing she would do in the new parliament would be to measure up the curtain for Bute House – the First Minister’s official residence.

Last year, Ruth Davidson admitted in a BBC Radio Scotland interview that she didn’t want to be gay and struggled to reconcile her faith and sexuality.

Ruth Davidson just let us in on a big election night secret…

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Elections to the Scottish Parliament take place on May 5.