Listen: Band explains singer’s gender transition with a hilarious song

The lead singer of comedy band Axis of Awesome has explained her gender transition via  song.

Jordan Raskopoulos of the Australian comedy trio received an outpouring of support earlier this year after revealing she is transgender.

The group, known for their viral hits ‘Four Chord Song’ and ‘Birdplane’, posted a video to explain why Raskopoulos had shaved her beard – revealing her new gender.

The band released follow-up song ‘Elephant in the Room’ this week, tackling the transition head-on.

Check it out below:

In the song – performed at the start of the group’s new shows – the other band members explain that “things are a little different since the last time we were here/one of us has gone through some changes, it might  be strange but it’s nothing to fear”.

Ms Raskopoulos then emerges from behind the curtain, singing: “We think it’s best to point out the elephant in the room.”

However, the song has a twist – it’s actually about another member of the band, Lee Naimo, going bald.

Naimo then clarifies that his voice won’t be changing, he will be using the bald man’s bathroom, and that going bald doesn’t change his sexual preference.

Ms Raskopoulos explained previously: “I got rid of my beard in February 2015…  a lot of you guys want to know why I got rid of it and asking when it will be coming back.

“Some of you have said that without the beard I no longer look like Jack Black but instead look like Boo from Orange is the New Black.

“Well the truth of the matter is there is a very good reason for why I got rid of the beard and a very, very good reason for why it is never ever coming back.

“And that reason is that I am transgender. No shit. That’s right I’m a girl. I am transgender.”

Raskopoulos later described the struggles she had experienced after battling with her “secret” since she was a child.

“Gender dysphoria is something I can remember dealing with ever since I was a kid but I learnt early on to be ashamed of it and to keep it a secret.

“And I did a really, really good job of hiding it.”

The band recently recorded a cover of Against Me! song Transgender Dysphoria Blues – released after their lead singer Laura Jane Grace also came out.