Comedian comes out as trans in funny, touching video

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The comedian decided to come out after being asked when she would grow her beard back.

Jordan Raskopoulos – member of Australian comedy trio Axis of Awesome – has received an outpouring of support after revealing she is transgender.

The group posted a video online yesterday in which Raskopoulos begins by revealing why she shaved her beard last year.

“So I got rid of my beard in February 2015 and for the past year a lot of you guys have been talking about it,” she said.

Comedian comes out as trans in funny, touching video

“A lot of you guys want to know why I got rid of it and asking when it will be coming back. Some of you have said that without the beard I no longer look like Jack Black but instead look like Boo from Orange is the New Black.

“Well the truth of the matter is there is a very good reason for why I got rid of the beard and a very, very good reason for why it is never ever coming back.

“And that reason is that I am transgender. No shit. That’s right I’m a girl. I am transgender.”

Raskopoulos later described the struggles she had experienced after battling with her “secret” since she was a child.

“Gender dysphoria is something I can remember dealing with ever since I was a kid but I learnt early on to be ashamed of it and to keep it a secret.

“And I did a really, really good job of hiding it,” she said.

Comedian comes out as trans in funny, touching video

Raskopoulos told fans that she decided she would transition during a tour with the group, after realising she could no longer deny her gender.

She said when she returned from tour in 2014 she came out to her family and friends.

“I’m so much happier. I’m going to carry on doing what I love and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it,” she said.

“Being trans does not mean you have to give up on your life or your friends or your family or your career or your achievements.

“I’m going to continue doing exactly what I was doing before and I’m going to be f***ing awesome.”

Watch the video below: