Watch: Anti-LGBT Target protester gets demolished by a transgender shopper

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A right-winger protesting inside a Target store got an unexpected argument this week – when he came face-to-face with an actual trans person.

More than a million people people have joined a boycott of the superstore in recent weeks led by far-right anti-LGBT groups, after the store confirmed that transgender people were able to use their preferred bathroom.

It comes after Target confirmed it “welcomes transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

A number of protesters have taken to disrupting Target stores directly – with one man sparking a lockdown in Illinois, while in another incident a woman waved a Bible while warning customers “the devil will rape your children”.

However, this week one protester got more than he bargained for, when a shopper who happened to be transgender took him on.

In a clip found by JoeMyGod, a protester films himself entering a Target store, shouting: “Do not come to Target! They let transgender people in the bathroom!”

However, one shopper decides to get involved, shouting: “You know what? There’s a transgender person right here, so you can just keep on walking! Get right on that.”

He tells them “You’re going to go to hell”, but the irritated shopper fires back: “Yeah, and you’re going to be an a**hole for the rest of your life!”

The shopper initially continues to go about their business – but is drawn in after the protester continues to rant about “grown men in the little kids’ bathroom”.

They fire back: “Trans women aren’t men a**hole, they’re women!”

When the protester asks if they’re “a woman or a man”, they shoot back: “That’s none of your f**king business, is it?”

The man continues to urge shoppers to “turn to Jesus Christ”, meanwhile threatening to sue any person who comes near them.

He continues to brand homosexuals an “abomination” unto God, telling random customers to repent, before being escorted outside by security staff.