Sao Paulo just hosted the world’s biggest Pride, attended by hundreds of thousands

Sao Paolo, Brazil, has just hosted the world’s biggest Pride parade.

Hundreds of thousands of revellers took to the streets, many supporting a federal proposed law to allow trans Brazilians to legally change their gender.

The bill also states that government health providers must cover gender reassignment.

The Pride in Sao Paulo began at 10am on Avenida Paulista.

Over a thousand police officers were on hand, particularly because protests were planned against acting president Michel Temer, the replacement for Dilma Rousseff, who is undergoing an impeachment trial.

While there is hope that legislation will be brought in to protect LGBT people, a law to punish homophobic crime has been stalled by Catholics in Brazil.

Civil unions for same-sex couples were recognised in Brazil by the Supreme Court in 2011.

Brazil’s Supreme Court in 2011 recognized the stable unions of homosexual couples, guaranteeing them the same rights as enjoyed by heterosexual couples.