North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest: ‘Trans toilet rights are a sign we’ve turned our backs on God’ (listen)

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North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, has said that allowing trans people to use the bathroom of their choice shows we’ve turned our backs on God.

Pat McCrory’s number two has appeared on a far right radio show to say that the only people being discriminated by LGBT ordinances are women and children.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest: ‘Trans toilet rights are a sign we’ve turned our backs on God’ (listen)
Rick Wiles

Mr Forest made his comments on ‘Trunews’, an anti-LGBT radio programme hosted by Rick Wiles, and added that he didn’t think his state’s laws were discriminatory.

According to Right Wing Watch, the Lt. Governor said the action his state had taken was necessary in order to ‘restore’ America’s moral compass.

He said: “We have a lack of moral compass in our country right now, we’ve taken our eyes off God in America, we have turned our back on God, we have forgotten God in a lot of ways, so the moral compass is broken here.”

He added that HB2 only legislated against behaviour, not people and compared it to traffic laws.

“If I want to go out and drive 95 miles an hour down the interstate in North Carolina because I feel like doing that, I don’t have the right to do that,” he added.

“It doesn’t mean the law is discriminating against me, it’s discriminating against my behavior of wanting to drive 95.”

Rachel Maddow hit back at the comments on her blog saying that it was not his place to talk about God in a country that separates church and state.

She also said that to discriminate against behavior in this instance is the same as discriminating against the person and no way comparable to how fast you drive a car.

Rick Wiles, the host of the show that Mr Forest appeared on has previously said he will pee on the floor of his local Target, as a protest to their transgender policy.