Game of Thrones reveals a lesbian character and fans are thrilled

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Game of Thrones season 6 just unveiled a female character who’s attracted to women – and many fans are thrilled.

After the Greyjoys moved their Iron Fleet to Volantis to stock up on supplies, we saw the group indulging in an abundance of women and ale… including Yara Greyjoy.

The kick-ass sister of Theon Greyjoy is pictured kissing a woman (and then some) before proclaiming: “Since it’s my last night ashore for a long while, I’m gonna go f**k the tits off this one.”

Actress Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara, told HBO that she didn’t previously know her character wasn’t straight.

“I had no idea! I reckon she’s any way. I don’t think she’d limit herself to one or another. Anything goes. Get the job done with whatever if fun and interesting,” she said.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner wants Sansa Stark to ‘swing both ways’.

“In the Game of Thrones universe, I think she’s going to have to swing the other way – because the men thing isn’t working for her,” the actress told EW.

And it seems that the actress who plays Margaery – Natalie Dormer – is keen to see more LGBT love in Westeros too.

Dormer plays the Queen on the HBO fantasy series, while Finn Jones plays Margaery’s brother – gay knight Ser Loras Tyrell – who has often been the centre of the show’s gay sex scenes.

Recent seasons have seen fundamentalists known as the Sparrows take over King’s Landing – cracking down on homosexuality and sexual sins, taking both Tyrell siblings captive for their supposed impropriety.

Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic.