Finding Dory may not feature same-sex couple after all

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The film’s makers refused to confirm that a lesbian couple feature in the upcoming Pixar sequel.

The follow-up film to 2003’s Finding Nemo features out TV host Ellen DeGeneres as the titular character.

The trailer, which debuted on The Ellen Show, features a scene in which octopus Hank disguises himself as a human baby after knocking a child out her pram.

Finding Dory may not feature same-sex couple after all

When the girl’s parents turn round to check on their child – it’s revealed they’re both women.

However, fans may have gotten a little too overexcited by the clip, after film makers refused to confirm or deny the couple’s sexuality when quizzed.

USA Today asked director Andrew Stanton about the “couple” at this week’s premiere.

“They can be whatever you want them to be,” he said – refusing to confirm what many LGBT fans desperately hoped was more than just wishful thinking.

“There’s no right or wrong answer,” he added ambiguously.

Disney has included a number of subtle side-characters in the past who appear to be gay – however, the studio has so far refused to confirm their existence.

Fans spotted a snippet in Disney blockbuster Zootopia which appeared to suggest that two male characters are married.

Two antelope characters, Bucky and Pronk, are seen loudly bickering when Judy is first shown to her apartment.

Finding Dory may not feature same-sex couple after all

The film’s credits list them as Bucky Oryx-Antlerson and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson – with their double-barrelled last name appearing to suggest that the pair tied the knot – but could also be brothers.

Disney’s 2013 release Frozen attracted attention for hinting at a gay character, with sauna owner Oaken implied to have a husband in one scene.

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag – which even won endorsement from the actress Idina Menzel – also saw fans ask the film company to give the film’s heroine a same sex love interest.

The studio are yet to comment.