‘Finding Dory’ breaks debut box office record

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The highly anticipated ‘Finding Dory’ has become the highest grossing animated debut of all time.

The animated film is estimated to have raised $136.2 million, according to ComScore.

‘Finding Dory’ breaks debut box office record

Dreamwork’s ‘Shrek The Third’ previously held the record since 2007 with a gross debut of $121.6 million.

The sequel comes 13 years after the original ‘Finding Nemo’ which took $70.2 million during it’s debut.

‘Finding Dory’ swam past ‘Toy Story 3’ which was previously Pixar’s biggest success with a $110.3 million premiere.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore said: “Finding Dory just showed total domination this weekend.”

“The finding Nemo brand has been building with audiences for 13 years, first on the big screen and then on the small screen. That set the stage for this spectacular debut, bigger than anyone expected.”

ComScore estimated that the audience was 62% female. “It was girl power all the way with this terrific female character. The female audience powered this opening weekend.” Dergarabedian added.

Many were excited at the prospect of seeing a lesbian couple in the Pixar film, but were disappointed when Ellen Degeneres, who voiced the delightfully forgetful Dory, shut down the debate.

Pixar creators have refused to confirm LGBT relationships in their films for years. When director Andrew Stanton was asked about the couple featured in the trailer, he said: “they can be whatever you want them to be.”

Finding Nemo is estimated to have taken $339.7 million overall and was previously one of the highest grossing Pixar films. Frozen took the crown recently when it made an estimated $347.8 million.

The 13 year gap is being attributed to the films success as it draws wider, more diverse audience. The original ‘Nemo generation’ who are now older, as well as younger film goers.