New York preacher: Gays are a bigger threat to America than ISIS

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A Christian preacher in New York has claimed that gay people are a bigger threat to the USA than Islamic extremists.

The claim was made by the notorious Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Church in Harlem.

The PinkNews regular took to YouTube in the wake of the Orlando massacre, to insist that the real threat to America is… gay people.

He said: “The sodomites are more dangerous to America and its wellbeing than the jihadis, and they are!

“A thousand percent more dangerous, when you look at the fact they are attacking our children and bathrooms and the classrooms and the churches.

“The sodomites are converting churches to accept sodomy and same-sex marriages. You have not see Muslims convert Catholics to read the Qu’uran!

“Show me how Muslims are stronger than the sodomites in terms of their destruction, their forces, their political power?

“We have to fear the sodomites more than the jihadis.”

The pastor famously claimed that coffee chain Starbucks makes lattes with the ‘semen of sodomites’, and has claimed that God will make fire shoot out of “gay men’s buttholes”.

Also according to Manning, five of the justices of the US Supreme Court only voted in favour of same-sex marriage because the justices were “blackmailed” by their secret gay lovers.

The preacher has repeatedly insisted that Barack Obama is a homosexual, predicting that Vladimir Putin would Barack Obama as a gay man.