Paris Pride parade will be cut short over security concerns

The route for the Paris Pride march has been redrawn over security fears.

The annual Marche des fiertés had been set to take place on July 2.

However, to French media outlets, authorities will now only allow a march along a much shorter secured route, in order to secure the safety of marchers.

This year, the short march will run along just a mile and a half in the city centre – from the Louvre to Place de la Bastille.

It is half the length of the traditional route from Montparnasse to Bastille, which had been planned.

The march had already been facing delays from authorities, as much of the country’s police are focused on the Euro 2016 football tournament.

According to The Local, LGBT rights groups have expressed dismay with the cutback.

A statement said: “Giving in to fear, giving in the LGBT-phobes, this is just giving up on our struggles, our battles, our rights to live, and our diversity.

“Giving in to fear is letting terrorism win.”

Paris was the scene of one of the worst terrorist attacks in France’s history last year, when 130 people were murdered in coordinated attacks across the city.

The city was one of the first to show solidarity with Orlando after a gunman opened fire in the Pulse gay bar and killed 49 people, with the Eiffel Tower lighting up in the colours of the Pride flag.