Fathers 4 Justice compare gay surrogacy to slavery

The campaign group ‘Fathers 4 Justice’ has attacked gay surrogacy, after a same-sex couple were declared the legal parents of their three children.

Fathers 4 Justice – known for its outlandish and disruptive stunts over parental rights – have hit out at gay surrogacy, comparing it to trading “human flesh”.

The group made the comments in response to an article posted by PinkNews earlier today, regarding a gay couple accused of paying for three babies in six months.

The couple’s application to be recognised as the children’s legal parents was upheld by the judge, who described them as “excellent fathers” who take “enormous pride and joy” from the youngsters.

However, Fathers 4 Justice was less than impressed with the outcome and quickly took to Twitter to share its disdain.

“In the past, we used to call the trade in human flesh slavery,” the group posted.

A few minutes earlier the group wrote: “Disgrace, biological dads NO rights, surrogate dads who lie & deceive court total rights.”

Fellow activists were quick to agree with the group, with user Paddy Manning urging people to “call surrogacy what it is,” before comparing it to “Eugenics, Prostitution, Kidnapping, Slavery, Child Abuse.”

This is not the first time Fathers 4 Justice has attacked surrogacy or LGBT families.

Earlier this year, the group lashed out at Sir Elton John and David Furnish for “denying kids the love of a mother”.

Referring to a harassment suit against Sir Elton, they wrote: ”What happens to kids if #EltonJohn & David Furnish split over tabloid story? Boys already denied love of a mother.

When challenged over their views, the group said: “What is grotesque is to deny a child the love of a mother or father.

“We campaign for shared parenting & a child’s right to a mum & dad.”