Kick-ass trans superhero to make comic book debut this year

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A trans superhero is hitting the shelves this year in the world of comics from a writer who has worked on Spider-Man and Wolverine.

The character, Chalice, will make her debut in the Alters series, a comic about several outcasts who end up with superpowers.


A trans woman, Chalice rocks a miniskirt and cloak, and her power means she is able to control quantum mechanics.

Others in the series include a quadriplegic man, and another character who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Speaking to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, creator Paul Jenkins said: “Her transition is an important part of the story… But the fact is, why is she great? Because she kicks ass.”

The first issue featuring Chalice will have a special release in North Carolina, the state in which the anti-LGBT HB2 was introduced earlier this year.

HB2 bans transgender people from using a bathroom other than that which corresponds to the sex assigned at birth.

The special cover might feature bathroom signs.

“We’re just kind of addressing the absurdity of it, frankly,” Jenkins added.

The creator, Jenkins, has already worked on Spider-Man, Wolverine and Inhumans, all published by Marvel.

Batwoman made a splash back in 2006, when her alter-ego Kate Kane came out as a lesbian in a watershed moment for comic books.

In 2013, two Batwoman writers quit the DC Comics series – after the publisher blocked plans for the character to marry her same-sex partner.

Marvel comics featured a same-sex wedding for a hero back in 2012 – when out mutant Northstar tied the knot with his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in an issue of ‘Astonishing X-Men’.