London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Trump is ‘playing into the hands of ISIS’ with anti-Muslim comments

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is “playing into the hands” of ISIS with his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The London Mayor made the comments to USA Today earlier this week, criticising Trump for comments he made saying mainstream Islam is not compatible with Western values.

The Mayor said: “I’m really keen for Donald Trump to come to London because Donald Trump, it appears to me, is under the impression that western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam.

“I want him to come to London to meet Londoners of Islamic faith who love being British, love being a Londoner, love being a Muslim.”

Going on, Mr Khan said: “I’ve got friends and family in America who are proud Americans, proud Muslims and he needs to recognise that he’s inadvertently playing into the hands of Daesh or so-called ISIL and ISIS by giving the impression there is a clash between the West and mainstream Muslims. There isn’t.”

Mr Khan earlier this year rejected the Presidential candidate’s promise to exempt him from a proposed ban on Muslims from entering the US.

Sadiq Khan has rebuffed Donald Trump’s suggestion that he would not be effected by theRepublican nominee’s controversial policy promise to ban all Muslims from the US.

The mayor – who has pledged to crack down on homophobic hate crime – said the ban was something that directly affected those closest to him, and that making an exception for him was not the answer.

Trump agreed to allow Mr Khan into the country after London’s first Muslim mayor – who has promised to promote trans issues across the city’s schools – said he would be unable to visit his US counterparts if the businessman became President.

However, it seems the outspoken millionaire – who says he would “consider” overturning equal marriage – will have to a do lot more than offer preferential treatment if he wants to win over Labour’s mayoral victor.

Mr Khan has attacked Trump’s racially charged campaign before, drawing comparisons between it and the highly criticised tactics of his defeated Conservative opponent, ‘pansexual’ Zac Goldsmith, who repeatedly accused his rival of sympathising with Muslim extremists.