Lawyer appears on the radio to welcome heightened rates of LGBT suicide

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Avowed homophobe Matt Barber has used his radio programme once against to attack the gay community, this time to welcome the suicides of LGBT people.

Barber, the former Director of Cultural Affairs at the Liberty Counsel took to the Faith and Freedom radio show to suggest that gay people have higher suicide rates than their straight counterparts, because in their hearts they know they are rebelling against God.


The lawyer pointed to a study, the results of which said that gay people who”‘marry’ each other are almost three times more likely to die by suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.”

He added that “the wages of sin is death” and said it should be a surprise when gay people take their own lives.

“There’s a biblical explanation,” Barber continued.

“Scripture says the wages of sin is death and folks who are engaged in the homosexual lifestyle, even if they rationalize and kid themselves and enter into a pretend marriage kind of situation, something that looks like a marriage between two men or two women, they know inherently in their heart it’s not marriage; it can’t be because it’s missing the requisite binary male-female relationship that defines marriage.”

Going on, Barber said: “The sin that they’re engaged in, they’re engaged in disordered behavior that is in violation of God’s natural law, His natural order, and His moral law and His moral order.

“That weighs heavy on the heart that has the truths of God and the truths of His natural law and moral law written on their hearts. So they know inherently, intuitively that they are engaged in immoral, sinful behavior, notwithstanding the fact that they try to convince themselves otherwise and so we shouldn’t be surprised that they finally, many of them ultimately end up breaking under the pressure of that self guilt, knowing that they’re engaged in sinful behavior.”

Click here to listen to the full rant on RightWingWatch.

Barber previously claimed that, if same-sex marriage became legal, that straight men would cheat on their wives with gay men.

In 2013, the lawyer spoke of his disapproval at a series of postage stamps featuring late gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk, saying he “was demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his rape of teenage boys.”

Barber previously tweeted an image, which depicted a gay man attempting to trick a boy scout into a sexual act.

That was not the first time Barber spoke out to say the Boy Scouts of America should not lift its ban on gay volunteers, members and staff, he also said that it could not remain “morally straight” if it allowed gay scout masters, compared homosexuality with paedophilia and suggested gay scout masters would put boy scouts at risk.

The firm defended jailbird county clerk Kim Davis, who served five days in prison for refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples.

The remaining three lawsuits against Davis were dropped last week by a court, but not before the law changed no longer requiring county clerks to sign marriage licences.

Update: This article previously named Matt Barber as the previous chair of the Liberty Counsel. It has been updated to reflect that he was previously the Director of Cultural Affairs.