This gay YouTuber just showed his penis to a lesbian… (VIDEO)

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A gay YouTuber has got his penis out in front of a lesbian, in order to help promote sex education.

Riyadh joined lesbian YouTube star Arielle Scarcella in two videos, one in which he gets his penis out and talks to her about how some males feel pleasure, and another where she talks him through vaginas.


In the videos, which were filmed on the first day the pair met, Scarcella critiques Riyadh’s grooming skills, saying “There’s a lot of hair”.

While he defends himself saying “This is a normal amount.”

He goes on to talk about which areas are often more or less sensitive, and what many men like when it comes to sexual contact.

The videos are of the same vein of a craze which took off earlier this year which led to lesbians putting penises in their mouths for the first time and gay men touching vaginas for the first time.

Many people had hoped the fad was over – including the team here at PinkNews.

Check out the videos from Riyadh and Arielle below:

Riyadh previously revealed that his father attempted suicide after he came out as gay.

A gay television dating show contestant earlier this week went to the unusual length of checking out the penis of six potential dates before he’d even seen them face to face.