Gay Lizard Truthers made these awful ‘LGBT’ t-shirts

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

It seems that horrific LGBT t-shirts are in vogue at the moment.

Just a day after we were telling you about Donald Trump’s $30 ‘LG-BT-Qs for Trump’ fashion line, it’s only gone and happened again.

This time, it’s thanks to Trump-supporter Joe Biggs of conspiracy theory website InfoWars, which is run by that dude who’s always upset about the gay lizard mafia and transgender assassin Michelle Obama and whatever else they dreamed up this week.

Well, Biggs, an alleged “news reporter” [sic], decided to step away from the gay lizards for a while and dream up an awful t-shirt line.

One of the shirts features the slogan ‘LGBT’ and a picture of ‘Liberty, Guns, Beer and Tits’.

Here is a photo of Biggs styling one (or at least that’s what the mainstream media want you to think):
Gay Lizard Truthers made these awful ‘LGBT’ t-shirts
The t-shirt, which surprisingly only goes up to XXL, apparently bears the slogan “the most patriotic way to say f**k you!” on the back.

It costs $28.95, so at least that’s $1.05 cheaper than Trump, though.

The t-shirts are slated for delivery in October, assuming the postal service isn’t already under the control of Shillary and the Illuminati, and assuming the Grand Uprising doesn’t happen before then.

A former contributor to InfoWars previously described in graphic detail how LGBT rights will lead to men being allowed to masturbate next to people at bus stops.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone previously took to InfoWars to claim the media is planning to ‘out’ the Republican billionaire as gay.