Spanish police arrest man who attempted to organise anti-gay mass shooting

Police in Spain have confirmed that they have arrested a man who attempted to plan a mass shooting of gay people in Barcelona.

Authorities arrested the 36-year-old man who attempted to use social media to urge more people to shoot gay people.

The man was in possession of a pistol which could fire blanks, which featured in his videos.

According to authorities, 31 videos had been posted by the man in the past month.

In one of the videos, he says that his followers have 13 days to “prepare” for a gay party in Barcelona.

Many of the videos have already been removed by YouTube.

But the man was also accused of posting tweets which urge people to commit hate crimes against gay people and groups.

Several people reported his tweets to authorities.

He could face a prison sentence of between one and four years, and could face a fine of between 600 and 30,000 Euros.