Woman wins right to ‘repeatedly pummel’ Pharma Bro in the face

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The ‘most hated man in America’ has given one ‘lucky’ woman the chance of a lifetime.

A Florida has won the right to ‘repeatedly’ punch the infamous ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli in the face.

Woman wins right to ‘repeatedly pummel’ Pharma Bro in the face

Shkreli announced the woman – named Katie – won the bid after agreeing to donate $50,000 his late friend’s family.

“Katie will be permitted to “repeatedly pummel me in the face” as requested,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Bidding is over. Congrats to her and the Kulichs!”

Shkreli has said he will match the bid, after launching the auction earlier this week in order to raise money for the family of his friend Mike Kulich, who passed away recently.

The Turing Pharmaceuticals founder came under fire last year after buying the rights to 62-year-old drug Daraprim – which is used to treat conditions including AIDS-related toxoplasmosis – and jacking up the price to $750 a pill.

The 5500% price rise sparked outrage, but Shkreli refused to back down. He was later removed as the company’s CEO after he was arrested over unrelated fraud allegations.

Shkreli caused further outrage earlier this year after he appeared before US Congress to answer questions about his company’s actions – but heeded his legal counsel’s advice to stay quiet about the incident.

The former CEO seemed detached throughout the hearing, smirking at many of the questions as he declined to answer – and even giggling at one point about the impact of his money-grabbing actions.

He has also said that he wishes he risen the price of the drug even higher – in order to “maximise profit.”

“I think I could have it raised it higher and made even more profit,” he told Forbes Healthcare Summit.

“This is a capitalist society, capitalist system and capitalist rules.”