Gay radio host steps down from LBC show after years of changing perceptions on LGBT issues

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An out gay LBC radio host who regularly took on bigots on his talk show and even had a gay man come out live on air, has stepped down from his role after 6-and-a-half years.

Cristo Foufas announced today that he would step down from his LBC show after more than half a decade.

During his time on the station, the host has taken on a number of contentious issues, many of them LGBT-related, and has put in their place many callers who have made outlandish claims about LGBT people.


Speaking to PinkNews of his departure to produce the ITV show Loose Women, He said: “I’m so happy to have spent so long discussing all issues that affect people, but especially those in the LGBT community. Over the years I’ve spoken to homophobes who believe being gay is a choice, a straight man who wanted to divorce his wife after being so outraged gay marriage was made legal, and had a gay man come out live on the show.

“I really hope we managed to educate the homophobes, and make things easier for those struggling with their sexuality. I’ll be taking a short break from radio but looking forward to returning to the airwaves in the not too distant future!”

PinkNews looks back at a few of the stories which Mr Foufas has covered, and some of the more colourful exchanges which took place on his show.

A radio caller on LBC last year claimed that HIV is “nature’s way of pointing out that homosexuality is wrong”, and that gay people are “stopping people from reproducing”.

The 22-year-old named Joshua called to air his views on the issue of anal sex and HIV, claiming that gay people “educate” straight people to enter same-sex relationships.

The phone-in was hosted by Cristo Foufas, and began when he asked whether those at risk of contracting HIV should be given PrEP.

Among a slew of homophobic, biphobic, racist and anti-Semitic sentiments, the caller claimed that, due to bisexual people sleeping with straight people, “[HIV] is being spread onto the straight community and it is killing the white race.”

When asked by host Foufas why straight people could contract HIV, if indeed the virus was a way of eradicating gay people, the caller said that was “because of bisexual people”.

As well as claiming that HIV is “nature’s way of pointing out that homosexuality is wrong,” the 22-year-old also said anal sex “is not natural sex”, continuing: “If you are having anal sex, if you are in a homosexual relationship, you are therefore being unnatural because you are never going to produce offspring.”

The host then asked him out for a drink on Old Compton Street in London’s Soho, at which point the 24-year-old said “you can keep your drink to yourself”, despite Foufas’ offer that they could “talk about his obsession with anal sex.”

Previously Mr Foufas also took on a Chrisian called named Mary who blamed unfaithful parents during conception on homosexuality… Yes, really.

Check out the video below:

Back in 2015, Cristo attended a ‘gay cure’ conference, writing for PinkNews on what he found there.

Previously a gay man also came out in a touching segment on the show, saying he felt “different to all the rest”.

The man named Dominic added: “It seems like you’re totally alone in a world where everyone else is different and you are the freak, you’re the weirdo, and you’re disgusting in a way”.

“I think I’m a bit more accepting of myself to say that after this conversation,” Dominic added.