‘My granny peed herself’ and 7 super awkward Thanksgiving coming out stories

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Thanksgiving might be just the right time to share your sexuality or gender identity with loved ones – so be careful not to make some of these mistakes.

Picture the scene: the whole family is gathered around the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner enjoying some important bonding time.

Grandma goes around the table asking what you’re grateful for – and Jack replies: “I’m thankful I don’t have a bad gag reflex. And so is my boyfriend.”

That’s one way to come out according to YouTube. Here’s 11 coming out tales that might just make you spit that Thanksgiving turkey out.

1. “My granny pissed herself,” from YouTuber Jack Merridew, in his guide on things not to say.

2. By killing your aunt.


3. By hiding your lover in the dinner.

4. By coming out to your gay parents as, er, straight.

5. By telling your teacher what you watch in the bedroom.


6. By playing this shopping ad featuring a same-sex couple for all over two seconds. Apparently some bigoted mothers didn’t like it. Boo hoo.

7. By going all David Attenborough and pointing out that animals are gay,too. Like these gay turkeys.

8. By accidentally telling your conservative relative you like other girls.


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