‘F**ck you faggots’: This New York bartender says he was left a homophobic note signed ‘Trump Nation’

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A bartender from Albany says he has been left “anxious and heartbroken” after finding a homophobic note left on his car windscreen.

The note read “F**k you faggots! We don’t want faggots in this country” and was signed “Trump Nation”.

Kyle Arnold, 23, is openly gay and works as a bartender at El Loco Mexican Café on Madison Avenue.

He has always known his neighbourhood to be be “a progressive and accepting and pretty diverse place to live in”.

“For this to happen here, almost right outside my apartment, left me in shock”, he said.

“If it’s happening here I think it must be happening everywhere”, Arnold told The Times Union.

“It also left me with a heavy heart because I realise the LGBTQ community must face the reality of verbal and physical harassment”, he added.

Arnold condemned the new US president-elect’s notorious outbursts: “I think about the rhetoric that Donald Trump has spewed across this country and I think about how he’s talked about women, Muslims, Hispanic people and people of colour.”

It isn’t the first time a homophobic incident has been linked to Trump’s election.

Hate watch group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has identified reports of over 700 incidents of harassment since the business tycoon won a shock victory against Hillary Clinton.

A gay couple had their car vandalised with homophobic slurs which said “die homo” and “faggot” and believe the attack to be related to the outcome of the election.

A lesbian couple found the front door of their apartment defaced with homophobic slurs. “Fags” was written in marker pen across their shared apartment in Michigan.

Arsonists targeted two houses flying Pride flags in Rochester, New York, nearly causing a deadly blaze, while a gay man in Santa Monica, California also claims he was set upon by Trump supporters.