Swedish far-right party leader escorted out of gay club after bar brawl breaks out

Sweden’s far-right party leader Jimmie Åkesson had to be escorted out from a gay club on Thursday after guests became upset that he was there.

Åkesson, head of Swedish Democrats (SD), was at the Secret Garden club in Stockholm when other guests at the club grew angry at his presence.

Swedish paper, Aftonbladet, reported that some people left in protest and others attempted to get to the leader to talk to or physically harm him.

A guest said “everyone was shocked” and the atmosphere because increasingly “threatening” after an hour of his presence.

The paper reported that one man became angry and shouted “f*cking racist” before trying to attack him.

The negative response to Åkesson’s presence at the club led to his own bodyguards and security at the club escorting the politician out.

When Åkesson was trying to leave, Aftonbladet report that a brawl broke out and the police were contacted to help.

The SD party is a right-wing populist group with a nationalist foundation that are currently gaining popularity in the country.

Jimmie Åkesson has led the party since 2005, and in 2010 they crossed the 4 percent threshold required for parliamentary representation.

In 2014 they took 49 seats with 14% share, but remain isolated because other parties refuse to cooperate with them.

The party drew attention last year when they planned a Pride march through a muslim neighbourhood in Stockholm. Left-wingers and gay rights activists slammed the move as being xenophobic provocation.