The original Wonder Woman has debunked critics who deny her sexuality

The original Super Woman actor, Lynda Carter, has debunked critics of Wonder Woman’s sexuality.

News of Wonder Woman has littered the internet of late, from the recent revelation of her sexuality to the news that she would be a United Nations ambassador.

In an interview with the New York Times, Carter spoke about the character and her place in the world as a female icon.

Carter defended the fictional superheroes “skimpy outfits”, and denied the character was just a “male fantasy”.

She explained: “If you think of the ’70s, that was miniskirts and bikinis. I never really thought of Wonder Woman as a super-racy character. She wasn’t out there being predatory.

“She was saying: “You have a problem with a strong woman? I am who I am, get over it.” I never played her as mousy. I played her being for women, not against men. For fair play and fair pay.”

The actor went on to speak fans who thanked her for becoming a figure of empowerment.

“I still have women at airports coming up to me saying: “Oh, you don’t know what it meant to me. That show got me through this difficult time, that difficult time.” That’s really where the fantasy became a reality, where Wonder Woman became something much more than a TV show or a comic book.

“And I’ll tell you this, when women recognise me in airports, I hold them in my arms and they cry. If a guy comes up and says, “Oh my God, I had such a crush on you when I was a teenager,” I say: “Talk to the hand. I don’t want to know.”