Boy George posts erratic series of Tweets after criticism for biphobia

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Boy George has posted an erratic series of Tweets following criticism for biphobia.

The singer was criticised for appearing to mock bisexuals in a post Monday.

Boy George posted: “Ok. ‘My computer got hacked’ is like ‘I’m bisexual’ or ‘I’m sniffing because I have allergies!”


The singer has been criticised heavily by users for being “biphobic”.

He’s now posted an erratic series of Tweets, randomly Tweeting words with the prefix “bi” for no clear reason.





One wrote: “as a long time bisexual fan I’m kind of hurt that you’d reduce my valid sexuality to a lie or joke.”


Boy George was previously sent to jail for falsely imprisoning a male prostitute in his east London flat.

The judge at said the star, real name George O’Dowd, has used “gratuitous violence” and he was sentenced to 15 months behind bars.

Users reacted negatively to the posts – saying the Culture Club singer is biphobic.




Shortly before beginning his rant he also Tweeted this.


The original post was thought to refer to claims made by Fadi Fawaz, boyfriend of the late George Michael, who claimed Tweets from his account saying Michael took his own life were done by “hackers”.

After being approached for comment, he appears to have blocked PinkNews, later tweeting: “@PinkNews FOLLOWS YOU I had to block these people!”