Man held at gunpoint as thugs deface car with homophobic slurs

A married gay man in Kansas was held at gunpoint and beaten in a suspected homophobic attack.

Police are hunting for two thugs over the shocking attack, which took place in Kansas City on Saturday night.

The victim, Gyo, had been alone at the home he shares with his husband when he heard noises outside.

Leaving the house he discovered two thugs – one of whom held him at gunpoint as another sprayed their car with homophobic graffiti.

Gyo, who does not want his full name or face made public, was then punched in the head by one of the men – who swiftly made their escape from the scene.

His husband Paul Oldham who was at work at the time of the attack, recalled to 41 Action News: “He called me and was crying, uncontrollably on the phone and said that he had been beat up

“It was roughly midnight when Gyo walked through this basement door. The second he stepped outside he had a gun to his head, and just feet away, another man was spray painting his car.”

Gyo told Fox 4 : “I took a step outside to turn the light and next thing that I knew was a gun at my head. It felt super cold against my head.

“They painted the car with homophobic slurs. It says ‘fags’ all over the place.

“Knowing that I have been targeted for being gay, it is very heartbreaking.”

He added: “It makes me feel insecure like in my own home.

“One of my biggest fears always has been to be beat up because of homophobia. That has always been one big struggle.”

The thugs left behind a spray can and a red solo cup, which police have seized as evidence.

No arrests have yet been made.