British MPs overwhelmingly vote to progress bill to leave European Union

Boris Johnson leave

MPs in the British Parliament have voted to progress a bill to initiate Article 50 to leave the European Union.

In an evening vote on Wednesday, 498 MPs voted for the measure to initiate Article 50.

114 MPs voted against.

Earlier in the evening, an amendment tabled by the SNP to block Article 50 was voted down with 336 against and just 100 for.

Two members of the Labour shadow cabinet resigned in order to defy leader Jeremy Corbyn and voted against Article 50.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced during Prime Ministers Questions earlier today that the Brexit White Paper will be published on Thursday.

The bill going to its Second Reading comes amid opposition to triggering Article 50 from MPs from Labour, the Tories the SNP, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

One MP was heard shouting “suicide” as the votes were read.

The bill will now have further readings in the Commons before heading to the House of Lords.

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