Prince Harry ‘not a fan’ of President Donald Trump

A photo shows Prince Harry wearing a grey suit, white shirt and red and white tie

President Trump has been causing all sorts of people to speak out in his first fortnight in office.

A row has erupted in the UK about whether Trump should receive a state visit to see the Queen.

More than 1.5m people have signed a petition to stop him, which is to be debated in the UK parliament.

Now it’s been claimed even Prince Harry doesn’t like the 45th POTUS.

A source who is said to be close to the royal told US Weekly that the Prince “is not a fan” of Trump.

They also said: “Harry thinks the president is a serious threat to human rights”.

A palace spokesperson declined to comment on the matter, saying: “By long-standing convention, we never comment on reports from unnamed sources of purported private conversations involving members of the royal family.”

Trump’s “extreme vetting” of refugees has caused uproar across the globe.

LGBT advocacy groups are saying it will condemn those fleeing persecution because of their sexuality or gender identity to be left in life threatening situations.

A leaked Executive Order shows Trump plans to vilify marriage equality and trans people.

The document entitled ‘Establishing a Government-wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom’, is rumoured to turn back years of progress for LGBT people under the Obama administration.

However other groups have attacked the new president for very different reason – claiming he’s too liberal on LGBT issues.

Religious groups have criticised a lack of action to repeal LGBT friendly workplace rights introduced under President Obama.