Melania Trump throws fundraiser for LGBTQ+ Republicans after husband’s rant against trans rights

Melania Trump has been largely absent from the Trump campaign trail so far. Now, she’s finally hosting a fundraiser: for LGBTQ+ group the Log Cabin Republicans.

A few news sources have previously implied that she doesn’t want to devote any energy into helping Donald Trump to get re-elected president, with CNN quoting a source as saying: “It is her decision on how much or how little she will be campaigning.”

Several articles have been written asking “where is Melania?” with the answer seemingly being: “avoiding her husband at all costs.” Even when the event is Trump’s Super Tuesday victory party at Mar-a-Lago: her home.

However, it seems that one cause has finally lured her out of hiding. Politico reports that Melania is planning to host a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago this month to raise money for the Log Cabin Republicans: described as “the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies.”

Her decision to host the fundraiser closely follows her husband’s latest furious rant about trans rights: notably, the fact that Transgender Day of Visibility shared a date with with Easter this year. Donald Trump has also vowed to cut federal funding for schools that promote what he calls “transgender insanity” if he’s re-elected.

Who are the Log Cabin Republicans?

File photo. A Log Cabin Republicans supporter at the Republican National Convention (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) is a long-established group within the Republican Party that aims to advocate for equal rights for LGBTQ+ Americans and also educate the LGBTQ+ community and Republicans about each other.

The LCR was founded in 1977 to fight the Briggs Initiative, an attempt to ban homosexuals from teaching in public schools. The name is a reference to President Abraham Lincoln, who grew up in a log cabin and whose journey from that small shack to the White House is seen as an inspiring tale of equality and opportunity.

According to Politico, Melania has “long maintained” a close relationship with the group: in 2021, she was a special guest and received an award at a dinner that the organisation hosted at Mar-a-Lago. Now, in 2024, amidst a moral panic about LGBTQ+ rights, she’s hosting a fundraiser for them. It’s an interesting choice.

Melania Trump has made only two campaign appearances so far, the most recent being when she and her husband voted in the Florida primary last month.

Asked during the latter about whether she planned to do more events, she answered, “Stay tuned.” It now seems that the answer was: “Yes: a fundraiser for queer Republicans”.