The Swedish government just trolled Trump with this all female photo

The Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lovin, might have just trolled Donald Trump and the US government with one perfect picture.

Loving posed for a picture signing some legislation about proposed climate change, while surrounded by an all-female team.

The proposed law requires the country to end greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and it is supported by most major political parties in the country.

People are beginning to draw comparisons between the all-female image and a recent viral photo of Donald Trump signing an executive order that restricts access to abortion, while surrounded entirely by male advisers.

Lovin was asked whether the all-female photo was a “direct attack” on the controversial US policy.

“You can interpret it as you want,” Lovin’s spokesperson said. “It’s more that Sweden is a feminist government and this is a very important law that we just decided on.”

“We need climate leadership in the world today. And to make the Paris agreement happen we need climate leadership. I would ask everyone to make their own interpretation.”

Trump’s proposed cabinet has been criticised for a lack of female representation, while Sweden has 12 female and 12 male ministers.

The images have been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook as people found the contrast hilarious.

“Wonderful Picture! Hope you sent it to the man on the other side of the ocean,” wrote one user. “Make the Planet Great Again!” wrote another.

“Compare and contrast: Trump restricts women’s rights; Sweden’s Isabella Lovin pushes world’s most ambitious (?) climate law,” another quipped.