A lesbian couple just got married all thanks to Donald Trump

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

It has nearly been a week since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States and only now have we found reason to celebrate.

Ohio residents, Loran Marsan and Jolena Hansbarger decided to take Trump’s win and subsequent threat to LGBT rights in America into their own hands.

A Trump presidency is a terrifying many in the LGBT community, so PinkNews analysed what it means for LGBT rights.


When it became clear late last Tuesday night that Trump was going to take out the election, Marsan, who was watching the results at a work party at the time, messaged her long time love with a simple, “Wanna [sic] get married if Trump wins?”

Hansbarger replied with, “Is this a proposal?!”


“I was losing hope very quickly and then Loran asked me if I wanted to get married tomorrow,” Hansbarger told Buzzfeed News. “We had talked about getting married before, but only for a really good reason. I knew that text was real as soon as I saw it.”


The pair certainly didn’t muck around. Less than 24 hours after Trump was elected, Marsan and Hansbarger were married. They’d messaged a few close friends and family in the morning and let them know of their plans.

That afternoon a small crowd of family and friends as well as students who Marsan lectures at Ohio University gathered outside Athens County Courthouse to watch the couple marry in matching outfits.


“We both want to make sure we continue to protest and contribute to the battle against bigotry,” Marsan told Buzzfeed News.“Not just in terms of marriage equality, but trans rights, immigration reform, and job and housing discrimination.”

Trump’s transition team is packed with anti-LGBT activists which has prompted concern from LGBT rights activists.

Mallory Golski, a student in Marsan’s women’s studies class told Buzzfeed News “people were crying and hugging and just generally being extremely supportive of one another” despite the election result that was still sinking in.

“It definitely served as a reminder to everyone there that even though the controversy surrounding our president-elect has generated a lot of negativity throughout the country, everyone still has the ability to join together and demonstrate that love really does trump hate.”