Sponsor of anti-LGBT law confirmed as Trump Health Secretary

The co-sponsor of an anti-LGBT law is the latest member of Trump’s cabinet to be approved by Congress.

Tom Price, the Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia’s 6th district, was approved by a vote of 52-47 along party lines

is a co-sponsor of the First Amendment Defence Act, which would legalise discrimination against LGBT people on the grounds of religion.

He holds a zero rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Congressional Scorecard on LGBT rights, opposing anti-discrimination protections.

When equal marriage became law, he fumed: “Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court serves only as further encouragement to use the court system as a systematic springboard to enact agendas outside the democratic and legislative structures of government.

“Thirty States have held statewide ballots banning gay marriage since the year 2000, and yet legislating from the bench has superseded both public approval and our elected representatives.

“This is not only a sad day for marriage, but a further judicial destruction of our entire system of checks and balances.”

The Human Rights Campaign said Tom Price’s confirmation “puts the health and well-being of LGBTQ people in jeopardy” given his “long, disturbing record of opposing basic civil rights for LGBTQ people and will be serving in a position of unique importance to the LGBTQ community”.

President of the Human Rights Campaign Chad Griffin said: “Tom Price has shown alarming disregard for LGBTQ people, and for the health challenges we face.

“The fact of the matter is that too many LGBTQ people are still denied care, denied visitation rights, and are treated unfairly by their providers.

“The Trump Administration has floated executive order language that would allow the government to bankroll discrimination in all of those areas – and Tom Price’s alarming record shows that he’s the perfect rubber stamp for the president’s shameful proposals. When it comes to the health of our community, we’re not going back.

“We will not give one inch on the progress we’ve made in the last 8 years. The Trump administration should know that we’re watching and will hold each and every appointee accountable.”