24 just introduced a badass terrorist-fighting gay couple

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After 15 years, Fox’s terrorist drama 24 has finally introduced a gay couple.

The long-running show, which originally starred Kiefer Sutherland across nine seasons, was brought back from the dead this month with a new cast.

Things are all change in the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit, with the show featuring an openly gay couple working inside the department for the first time.

The most recent episode of 24: Legacy established the relationship between CTU workers Andy Shalowitz and Thomas Locke (played by Dan Bucatinsky and Bailey Chase).

The pair’s strained relationship was established as computer expert Andy explained to a colleague that Locke, a tactical special agent, recently broke it off between them because he was worried about their boss finding out.

Andy explains: “He broke it off. He thought that if it got out, it would screw up his career. Behind closed doors, when promotions are being handed out, it matters… that’s what Tom thinks anyway.”

The stage is set for them to get back together – though of course, this being 24, it’s equally likely that they’ll be killed or turn out to be terrorist double-agents.

Believe it or not, we think it’s the first time that gay characters have appeared in a non-villainous capacity, with bisexual assassin and terrorist-for-hire Mandy serving in a recurring role in the show’s first few seasons.

Iconic Jack Bauer actor Kiefer Sutherland is not part of the new season, having quit the show following 2014’s 24: Live Another Day, which was set in London and featured Stephen Fry as the British Prime Minister.

Bi actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played fan favourite tech analyst Chloe O’Brian on the show, is also absent from the revival. (Dammit Chloe!)